Dinesh Bhamkar

Dinesh Bhamkar, 28 , Graduate of Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Dimensions helped me to improve and upgrade the different aspects of my personal skills to international standards.

I enjoyed the open-minded interaction with students and lecturers during my PGD in Business Administration at Dimensions, Singapore. A lot of academic and non-academic activities held during the course of study helped me in a very big way.

The education at Dimensions played an important role in my way of searching for a job. Finally, thanks to Dimensions. I am working at one of the best restaurants of Singapore, The Tavern as a Restaurant Supervisor and holding an S Pass.


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Dimensions đạt the Singapore 1000 và Singapore SME 1000 được xếp hạng trong năm 2012

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Bước đột phá cho chương trình ‘O’ Level của trường Dimensions.

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2010 GCE ‘O’ Level hội thảo sinh viên

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Campus mới Orchard

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Thành công của bạn là sự thành công của chúng tôi, Tốt ngiệp Cấp ‘O’ 2009.

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