Sun Sheng

Sun Sheng, 25 , Graduate of BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND)

My name is Sun Sheng and I hailed from Jiangsu, China. I was a student of Dimensions International College from year 2004 and had gone through a difficult time in pursuing my education in Singapore. Today, I am pleased to say that I am an undergraduate student of the University of Sunderland in UK.

My failure to do well in the GCE “O” Level examination taught me how to overcome my difficulties and find alternative paths to achieve my ambition. I realized that I must improve my standard of English in order to progress

in my education. In 2006, I enrolled myself in the BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) and also started to work hard on the English Language. With two years of learning and help from my teachers, I was able to gain admission into the University of Sunderland with my HND transcripts and IELTS result.

I owed much to the learning environment provided by Dimensions International College which greatly motivated me to work hard. My teachers, in particular, Mr. Ng Chong Kiong, Mr. Soo Koon Liat, Mr. Lam Ah Go and others guided and inspired me a lot that I finally make it to the university.

Thanks to my Alma Mater for helping me to progress that far in pursuing of my dreams. The things that I learnt during my study in Singapore have prepared me well for the challenges of university education in UK.


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