Wang Jian

Wang Jian, 25, Graduate of ESOL


y name is Wang Jian from China. I had been studying at Dimensions for almost 1 year. As a former student of Dimensions, it is my pleasure to give you my several tips and recommendations for learning English and share some of my English-learning experiences, especially my skills of preparing and taking IELTS examinations with you.

 First, I would like to start with my comments on learning environment at Dimensions. Although Dimensions has a relatively small campus, there are many advantages of    

studying here. What I like the most are the classes and courses arrangement, and native English teachers who are responsible and knowledgeable. During one year study here, through discussions and debates with international classmates and teachers, my speaking skills improved a lot and I was able to think in the way of a native English speaker. Meanwhile, I benefited from the variety of different opinions and understanding, which I believed would broaden my international horizons. However, in order to make full use of these advantages, you must ensure that you are willing to share your own perspectives and participate actively and heartily in every lesson.


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Dimensions đạt the Singapore 1000 và Singapore SME 1000 được xếp hạng trong năm 2012

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Bước đột phá cho chương trình ‘O’ Level của trường Dimensions.

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2010 GCE ‘O’ Level hội thảo sinh viên

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Campus mới Orchard

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Thành công của bạn là sự thành công của chúng tôi, Tốt ngiệp Cấp ‘O’ 2009.

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