Wang Xiao Wei

Wang Xiao Wei, 21 , Graduate of “O” Level

I came to Singapore two years ago when I was 16. Dimensions was my first school here. I learnt a lot from not only from the teachers but the staff as well, which I appreciated very much.

            Now, I am studying in Serangoon Junior College and preparing for GCE “A” Level. Actually, I am very satisfied with my current situation. For this, I have to mention another person who gave me “energy” to enter the super tough place- Junior College (JC). Mr. Sim is one of the staff in Dimensions. He told me all the difficulties I

would face in JC, even persuaded me to give up. Truth seldom sounds pleasant. That was why I studied even harder. Thanks to his words, I was successful in entering JC.

Academically, Mr. Chua, my E-Maths, A-Maths and Physics teacher provided me with very useful knowledge which I could benefit forever. I will never forget his patience, wisdom and humour. Mentally, he taught me quite a lot of things. That time, only a few people supported me to go to JC. He was the one who told me to keep on working for what I wanted. I appreciate him very much. And I wish him good health.

I have benefited a lot from Dimensions and will go straight to serve it if there is any opportunity. I wish Dimensions will do better and better.

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